What is the Tortoiselady site about and for whom?


The Tortoise lady, site is here to help Tortoise, Hedgehog and Bird owners who want advice regarding the care that is needed to help their pets lead a safe and better life.

I have been involved in the care and rescue of Tortoises and the teaching of their owners, to enable them to provide the right husbandry for their pet for over 20 years now.

I have been rescuing hedgehogs for around 20 years and had Pygmy Hedgehogs in also.

I have had Falconry Birds for 20 years and have also helped wild birds that have been bought to me.



I am an active committee member of the British Association of Tortoise Keepers, and I have also completed herpetology courses by Andy Highfield from Tortoise Trust. I do continue to research and follow up to information and to write talks for BATK which I teach at our information days and talks. I also write articles for our yearly newsletter.

I have experience with Hermanni, Graeca, Horsfieldi, Leopard, Sulcata, Hingeback, Box and Redfoot tortoises.

Myself and the committee of BATK have written a "Husbandry Book for Mediterranean Tortoises" which is available to order.

Tortoiselady is also a supplier for the Pre Alpin Foods for Tortoises and any other pet that eats grasses, wild flowers and herbs. There is also calcium carbonate available from the shop and a variety of seeds are available for mediterranean and tropical tortoises. Please go to my shop page above for more details.


I have also been rescuing the native hedgehog when required for around 20 years now and then releasing them back into the wild. I have also helped with pygmy hedgehogs which are tropical and are not allowed to be released.

I have also helped Pygmy Hedgehogs.

I hope that you find this website useful and informative. If you have any questions then please fill in the form on the guest & questions page above or email me  at lindaj.batk@btinternet.com



I have helped with falconry birds for around 20yrs now. I have Barn Owls which are my passion and I have also helped and had Harris Hawks, Owls, Kestrels and Goshawk.

These are not pets that should be taken on without the proper training. I have been trained and done Falconry Courses which I would urge potential owner to also do.

I do not breed my birds just enjoy them.

I have also taken in and have successfully returned a few back into the wild.


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Happy New Year to all my existing and new customers. 

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