Information regarding Birds

This section will have information about helping wild birds and also

information on looking after other types of birds.



This week I took on two baby parrotlets and they are soooooooo sweet. I will be letting you into how I am looking after them and how they get on.




They are having 4 feeds a day at the moment and we get just as much food thrown everywhere, as they eat. It is so funny to watch them. They then have a bath and a warm towel to dry off in. 

They live in a large plastic tub that has a puppy pad in it and fleece. They hide when they want to but can also move around. I also have a pot which has millet in it for when they start to want to eat themselves. They also have a millet spray in the area as well.

They are just starting to make noises now when they are hungry to get my attention and they love nothing more than to go to sleep under my chin. They are also preening each other which is great to watch.

I think that they are definately both male, but hopfully growing up together will mean that they will be able to stay together.

02.04.13 - Mojo weighs 23gm and Bo weighs 24gm.

05.04.13 - Bo weighs 24gm and Mojo weighs 24gm and are doing great. They get so messy when feeding and always have to have a wash. They are also eating mixed millet now as I have seen them doing it, but they are still having their feeds from me also.

12.04.13 - Bo weighs 28gm but is now feeding himself with a mixture of handfeeding mixture and millet added. Mojo weighs 29gm but is still being handfed but attempting to try eating himself.

Here are photos of Mojo in his bed, both eating and playing and both of them on their climbing frame I have made for them. 




 It is now May and they are really doing well. They do play and like to sleep together but they are also starting to have a go at each other. I think it is coming to the point that they now need to be separated.


I am also a trained Falconer and have over the years taken in and helped Falconry birds


Some are actually mine and others come to me because they need special care to get them better. I have dealt with different Owls and Harris Hawks so far and find them incredibly beautiful, intelligent and they come back with the correct care and foods. 



This is Meeka an African Spotted Eagle Owl

She was captive bred and hand reared from a few weeks old. She came to me May 2014 and she will be 3yrs old this year. She is wonderful and loves to fly around.





 Frostie my Tawny Owl

This is Frosty who was born in 2014 and he came to me at a few weeks old.

He is captive bred and has been hand reared.