I have also rescued these lovely hedgehogs and they are great pets but must be given the right conditions and husbandry. One important factor to remember is that these hedgehogs have to be kept at 22C and that they DO NOT hibernate. They will die if allowed to go cold.

African Pygmy Hedgehogs started to become the new best pet in the 1980's.

If you are looking to get one of these then it is much better to buy one from a reputable breeder where you can see the parents and how they have been kept. This will also help to ensure that you purchase one that has been used to being handled well, which will help with the bonding process.

These hedgehogs need a lot of exercise, especially at night, so a large living area is required.If possible an area of 5sq ft is ideal. Some people use the indoor guinea pig and rabbit homes which are ideal. This has a plastic deep base with a wire hood over it. There is room in here for a litter tray, bed, food and water bowls, wheel and toys to play with. These hedgehogs do remain small in size and weigh aprox 450gms. They usually live between 3-5yrs but some have been known to live 6-7yrs.

These hedgehogs do need to be housed seperatley apart from when mating and any female must be mated between the ages of 10-12months otherwise their pelvic fuses and they will not be able to give birth.

These hedgehogs should be fed on insects where possible. They can have a little fruit as a treat and can eat some vegetables. They also like cooked chicken or turkey meat. They can eat the spikes hedgehog foods but you can also supply them with a good quality dried cat food that has over 30% protein, less than 12% fat and 10-12%fibre. I find that Iams chicken for senior seems good. They must not be given any nuts.

These hedgehogs do have poor eyesight and they tend to smell everything and they will get used to your smell and get used to you with plenty of handling. They are best kept on newspaper and I also put some soft material in with them.You must ensure that any fabrics given to them is not fraying at all as threads can get round their neck and strangle them. These hedgehogs also love a wheel to run in but make sure that it is a solid wheel and not a wire one used for rats etc. They will also thank you for toys like cats and kittens have as they do love to play.

I do not get many of these in but if you do have one that you need rehoming then please get in touch.

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